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Matthew Keating is a designer for 15 plus years. He started his career in the United States in various Opera, Theatre, Dance and Production companies, as wardrobe supervisor, dresser, stylist, assistant designer, and project manager. His main passion was to tell stories with the help of fabrics, props, and furniture as to create mosaics of colors, patterns, and atmospheres on stage. His experience ranges from Regional American Theaters, the Santa Fe Opera in the desert of New Mexico, the Alley Theater in Houston, to the shining lights of Broadway shows like The Lion King and the burlesque charity fundraising Broadway Bares.


Nowadays, Matthew Keating continues to explore his sensitivity for creating stories and feeling with materials through his passion for interior design. He now lives in Santos, Lisboa where he is focusing on the way people interact with personal and public spaces. He obtained a degree in Interior Design at the Cascais School for Arts and Design. His main focus is to design spaces that are both inspiring and personal, His multi-faceted experience in design culminates in his unique sensitivity where aesthetics meets innovation and personal history. 

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